ASRA Membership / Area / Objectives


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1.              The area covered by the Association is the area the boundaries of which are as follows (the Area)

(a)             to the north, the south side of Middleton Road from Kingsland Road to Queensbridge Road;

(b)             to the south, the south side of Albion Square and Albion Drive from Stonebridge Common to  Queensbridge Rd         

(c)             to the east, the west side of Queensbridge Road from Albion Drive to Middleton Road;

(d)             to the west, the east side of Haggerston Road from Kingsland Road to (and including) Thalia Court.


The objectives of the Association are to work for the maintenance and improvement of the living conditions in and the environment of the area as a whole and to promote the welfare and represent the interests of its residents.    


We are a non-profit organisation but we do ask for a subscription of £10 per year per adult, and £5 a year per child to help fund our events.

We are all voluntary members of ASRA, and if anyone would wish to cancel their subscription or remove themselves from our mailing list at any time, they are welcome to do so by emailing